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Posting on to a cubee facilitates the user with features such as posting an image, drawing, a document, any link or create and display a slideshow etc.

How to use:

1. Click on ‘Add Content’ icon displayed with ‘+’ symbol on the lowermost right-hand corner of the main Ingrid App page.

Post cubee 1.png

2. Here user can upload an image, create a drawing, load any URL, upload a document, create a slideshow etc. There is also an option to add user’s location.

3. While posting an image, user can upload the existing image from the device, or an url, or also can use the images from the albums on the app.

Post cubee 2.png

4. You can use the drawing icon to draw online and post immediately.

Post cubee 3.png

5. The content can be shared to everyone (made public), or can be customized to selected users, or can be set to be visible by just you.

Post cubee 4.png

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