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Access to the latest news is available to the user with the News feature in Ingrid. User can go with a particular newspaper or also according to various categories.

How to use:

1. From the MyGrid page, click on the 'Newspaper' icon as shown.

News 1.png

2. The newspaper content can be viewed in various grid patterns such as '3 in a row', '2 in a row' or 'single in a row'.
Various categories are also available such as 'top', 'world', 'life style', 'entertainment', 'sports' etc.

News 2.png

3. A list of various 'news channels' and 'topics' is available under list view.

News 3.png

4. The page can be shared, liked, unliked, bookmarked etc. User can also add comments.

News 4.png

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