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*It can also be added through email option
*It can also be added through email option
==Screen Shots==
{| border="1"
{| border="1"
| [[File:Add_Buddies.JPG|200px|thumb|left|Add Buddies]]
| [[File:Add_Buddies.JPG|200px|thumb|left|Add Buddies]]

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  • Users can create and add members to the communities
  • A the roles and privileges of a member in community can be a either be a Member or a Moderator or a Contributor or an Owner
  • Ingrid have many Communities as default.

Create Community

  • Users can give any name for the Community.
  • The details about the Community can be written in the Description box.
  • Category and Logo can also be set while creating a Community

Roles and Privileges

  • Member: A Member in a community can only view and comment the contents inside the Community Slate
  • Moderator: Privileges of Member along with permission to view approved and unapproved posts.
  • Contributor: Privileges of Member along with the permission to add contents to Community Slate.
  • Owner: Owner have all the privileges. Owner have the settings option to change all the settings.

Invite Buddies

  • Buddies can be invited to the communities from our Buddy list
  • It can also be added through email option

Screen Shots

Add Buddies
Community Approved/Unapproved
Community Email
Community Email
Community Moderator
Community Slate
Create Communities
Contribution Settings
Moderation Settings