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*Once the Event is created the next step is to invite the invitees.
*Once the Event is created the next step is to invite the invitees.
*User can invite friends from Ingrid Buddies, Gmail Contacts and other emails contacts through email
*User can invite friends from Ingrid Buddies.
[[File:Create_Events_Invite.JPG|700px|thumb|center|Invite Guests]]
[[File:Create_Events_Invite.JPG|700px|thumb|center|Invite Guests]]
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*Settings page allows the user the make settings about the Event created.
*Who all can be invited can be set here.
*User could suggest whether the invitees can invite there friends or not
*Its possible to set the number of invitees can invite.
[[File:Create_Events_Settings.JPG|400px|thumb|center|Event Settings]]
*The Events created and the Events invited will be listed in the Calender.
[[File:Events_Calender.JPG|400px|thumb|center|Event Calender]]
==My Events==
*The event created can be edited in this page
*Its possible to upload images to the Events created.
*All these images can be seen by the guest invited to this Event.
*There is Event Public Page for each event where the invitees can view the details of the Events
[[File:Events_MyEvents.JPG|400px|thumb|center|My Events]]

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Ingrid provides numerous outstanding features. Among them Events is the most prominent one. The features included in the Events is listed below

  • Able to create Events for any date
  • Able to invite your buddies for that Event.
  • You could schedule the event in such a way that invitees can invite their friends-if wanted.
  • Its possible to restrict the number of invitees to be called and also regarding invitees friends
  • The Calender shows the Events created and Events Invited.
  • You will be notified by Ingrid a day before the events to be held.
  • Its possible to select different themes for different Events
  • We have the facility to add photos to the album for that Event and users can view the photos uploaded

Create Event

  • User can enter the Event Name
  • The details of Event such as Event type, period of the Event, Location and address
  • User can provide description of the Event in the message box.
Create Events


  • Once the Event is created the next step is to invite the invitees.
  • User can invite friends from Ingrid Buddies.
Invite Guests

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