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  • Parameter can be any Matrix.


  • This function gives the matrix satisfying the anti diagonal properties also it is replacing the constant given number in the anti diagonal entries.
  • An anti-diagonal matrix is a matrix where all the entries are zero except those on the diagonal going from the lower left corner to the upper right corner (), known as the anti-diagonal.
  • The properties of anti diagonal matrix are:
  • 1.The product of two anti-diagonal matrices is a diagonal matrix.
  • 2. If A and D are n×n anti-diagonal and diagonal matrices, respectively, then AD,DA are anti-diagonal.
  • 3.All anti-diagonal matrices are also persymmetric.


  1. ANTIDIAGONALWITH([[1,2],[3,4]],34)

  1. ANTIDIAGONALWITH([[6,12,10,16],[13,14,15,17],[5,13,19,20],[3,24,33,43]],-22)

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