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ATAN (Number)

  • is any value.
    • ATAN() returns the arctangent of a number.


  • This function is the inverse function of TAN in trigonometry.
  • The value of ATAN(x) is in radians in the range 0 to   to  .
  • Calci returns the value of arctangent (inverse tan) in Radians.
  • The number can be a single value or any number of values.

For example, ATAN(0.5,(-0.2),1) gives the arcTAN or inverseTAN values for each element.

  • Consider     x = 0.8    then     =ATAN(0.8)    gives    0.67474094
  • It is also known as Cyclometric function.
  • ATAN is described as arctan of a given number and denoted by  .
  • In ATAN(x), x value applicable for all real numbers.
  • To find the angle in degrees, multiply the result angle with 180/PI(), or use DEGREES function.

For example ATAN(-0.8)*180/PI() or DEGREES(ATAN(-0.8)) gives -38.659808



  • x   is the number.
ATAN(number) Angle(radian)
ATAN(0) 0
ATAN(1) 0.78539816
ATAN(90) 1.55968567

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