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AVERAGEIF (Array,Condition,SumArray)

  • is the set of values.
  • is any condition value.


  • This function shows the Average of given set of numbers which satisfies the given condition.
  • In , is the given set of numbers.
  • Condition is a number, expression, cell reference, or text.
  • Average means sum of all the given elements divided by Number of given elements.
  • It is also called Arithmetic mean.
  • i.e if numbers are given and each number is denoted by , where to , then

= .

  • In this function can either be numbers,arrays,references of cells or we can enter the logical values directly.
  • Arithmetic mean is the most common measures of central tendency.
  • Central tendency is a single value that attempts to describe a set of data by identifying the central position within that set of data.
  • The other common measures of central tendency are: Median,& Mode.
  • So this function calculates the average value which satisfies the given condition.
  • For example AVERAGEIF([10,20,23.3,67,87,98.3,12.3,45.3,90],"<13") =11.15


  1. AVERAGEIF([2,3,11,13,17,26,34,47],">5") = 24.666666666666668
  2. AVERAGEIF([154,876,143,12.4,90,54.7],"<798") = 90.82
  3. AVERAGEIF([-20,87,-99,67.4],">0") = 77.2

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