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  • is the angle value.


  • This function shows the Base theta value.
  • The basic theta function is defined to be the function  :  given by  
  • The function   depends on   .
  • So for each   with   we get a (not necessarily different) basic theta function.
  • Hence there is a whole family of basic theta functions  ,Im  .
  • But here we assume   to be fixed, so we have only one basic theta function.
  • The basic theta function is quasi-periodic.
  • Base Theta is locally uniformly unordered convergent also basic theta function is an entire function.


  1. BASETHETA(45) = 1.0177028497428964
  2. BASETHETA(90) = 2.0354056994857928
  3. BASETHETA(8640) = 0.6202026280698192

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