• is the set of numbers.


  • This function gives the determinant value of a matrix.
  • To calculate the determinant of a matrix, we can choose only square matrix.i.e. Number of rows and number of columns should be equal.
  • Determinant of the identity matrix is always 1.
  • Determinant of the matrix   is denoted by   or  .
  • Let   be 2x2 matrix with the elements


  • Then  , where   all are real numbers.
  • Let   be the 3x3 matrix with the elements

  Then  :  

  • Let   be a square matrix of order  . Write  ,
  • Where   is the entry on the   row and   column and   to   &   to  .
  • For any   and  , set   (called the co-factors), then the general formula for determinant of the matrix   is,

 , for any fixed  . Also , for any fixed  .

  • This function will give the result as error when
1. Any one of the element in array is empty or contain non-numeric
2. Number of rows is not equal to number of columns


  1. =DET([[6,4,8],[3,6,1],[2,4,5]]) = 104
  2. =DET([[-5,10],[6,-8]]) = -20
  3. =DET([[1,0,2,1],[4,0,2,-1],[1,4,5,2],[3,1,2,0]]) = 17
  4. =DET([1,2,3],[5,2,8]) = NAN

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