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DOLLAR(num, dec)

  • where, is a number
  • is number of digits to right of the decimal point

DOLLAR() converts a number to a text using currency format and applies a Dollar currency symbol.


DOLLAR(num, dec)

For Example,

DOLLAR(4657.894,2) returns $4,657.89

  • can be a number or reference to a cell containing a number.
  • specifies the number of digits to the right of the decimal point to be displayed in the output.
  • If is negative, the output is rounded to left of the decimal point.
  • If is omitted, Calci assumes it to be 2.
  • If any of the argument is invalid, Calci displays an #NaN error message.


Function Output
DOLLAR(345.4556,3) $345.456
DOLLAR(33.52,1) $33.5
DOLLAR(0.625) $0.63
DOLLAR(1768.28,-1) $1,770.0
DOLLAR(1334,3) $1,334.00

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