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ELEMENTAT (Array,PositionArrayVector)

  • is the set of values.
  • position of the values.


  • This function shows the element with the desired position.
  • In , is the set of values.
  • is the place value of the number in the given set.
  • In the given set,position of the numbers start from 0,1,2,3 and so on.
  • For example, we need 7th position from the set,then this function will show the number in the 7th position.


  1. ELEMENTAT([2,4,19,10,3,18,20,871,[123,10],1],[8,1]) = 10
  2. ELEMENTAT([2,4,19,10,3,18,20,871,123,101],4) = 3
  3. ELEMENTAT([10,12,14,13,11,9,7,8,4,5,32,-14,-23,5/6,7/8],11) = -14

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