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  • are any set of numbers.
  • is any one number.


  • This function returns the result for the function Element in Array.
  • This will show the result as True or False.
  • In , is the set of values and Value is the any number.
  • When the mentioned Value is in appeared Array of values then the function will return the result as "True", otherwise "False".
  • This function is used to capturing the mentioned Value with in the Array.


  1. ELEMENTINARRAY([2,6,9,10,14,231,871,-87],10) = True
  2. ELEMENTINARRAY([12,18,20,34,100],-18) = False
  3. ELEMENTINARRAY([1.2,3.2,8.1,7,10,-10],8.01) = False
  4. ELEMENTINARRAY(["A","B","C","D","E"],"D") = True

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