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  • is the value of the function
  • and is degrees of freedom.


  • This function gives the value of F probability distribution.
  • This distribution is continuous probability distribution and it is called Fisher-Snedecor distribution.
  • The F distribution is an asymmetric distribution that has a minimum value of 0, but no maximum value.
  • In is the value of the function , is the numerator degrees of freedom and is the denominator degrees of freedom.
  • This distribution is the ratio of two chi-square distributions with degrees of freedom r1 and r2, respectively, where each chi-square has first been divided by its degrees of freedom.
  • The Probability density function of the F distribution is:

where is the Gamma Function.

  • The gamma function is defined by .

When the value of df1 and df2 are not integers ,then it is converted in to integers.

  • This function will give the result as error when
 1. any one of the argument is non-numeric.
 2.  is negative
 3.  or  and   or 


  • The syntax is to find FDIST in ZOS is .
    • is the value of the function.
  • For e.g.,FDIST(85.2,22,18)
  • FDIST(67..70,6,8)


  1. =FDIST(20.6587,7,3) = 0.01526530981
  2. =FDIST(70.120045,12.2,6.35) = 0.000011229898
  3. =FDIST(10,1.3,1.5) = 0.134947329626
  4. =FDIST(-28,4,6) = NAN

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