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<div style="font-size:30px">'''IMSIN(iz)'''</div><br/>
<div style="font-size:30px">'''IMSIN(iz)'''</div><br/>
* where z is any real number
* where iz is the complex number

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  • where iz is the complex number


  • This function gives the sin value of 'iz'.
  • Where 'iz' is the complex number in the form of .i.e. x&y are the real numbers.
  • 'i' imaginary unit
  • Also x is called the real part & y is the imaginary part of a complex number.
  • 'COMPLEX' is the function used to convert real & imaginary numbers in to a complex number.
  • is defined by



  • iz is the complex number.
IMSIN(iz) Value(Radian)
IMSIN("4+5i") -56.162-i48.502
IMSIN("4-5i") 56.162-i48.502
IMSIN("4") 0.756802

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