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  • is any complex number of the form x+iy.


  • This function gives the TAN value of a complex number.
  • Consider the complex number is the form of .
  • x & y are the real numbers.
  • 'i' is the imaginary unit
  • Also x is called the real part & y is the imaginary part of a complex number.
  • COMPLEX is the function used to convert Real & Imaginary numbers in to a complex number.
  • is defined by



  • ComplexNumber is any complex number.
IMTAN(ComplexNumber) Value
IMTAN("6+4i") -0.0003597965782916702+i0.9994339325466379
IMTAN("6-8i") -1.2076663117850256e-7-i0.9999998100735055
IMTAN("10") 0.6483608274590866+i0

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