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INDEX (Ranges,Row,Column,RangeIndex)

  • where, is the reference to one or more cell ranges or an array
  • is the row number in reference
  • is the column number in reference
    • INDEX(), function uses an index to choose a value from a reference or array.


INDEX (Ranges,Row,Column,RangeIndex)

  • This function displays the cell that is at the intersection of specified row and column number in an array or reference.
  •   can be an array or range of cells.
  •   and   should represent row number and column number respectively in the reference range.
  • If   or   is omitted, Calci displays #NULL error message.
  • If   is zero(0),   is required. Calci displays entire column in the selected range.
  • If   is zero(0),   is required. Calci displays entire row in the selected range.
  • If   and   do not point to a cell within an array or reference, Calci displays #NULL error message.


Consider the following example in Calci of employee information -

Name Age Salary
Row1 John 32 6000
Row2 Sally 40 6600
Row3 David 28 4500
Row4 Marie 28 5000
=INDEX(A1:C4,3,2) :Calculates intersection in the range A1 TO C4 for third row, second column. Returns David's age 28.
=INDEX(A1:C4,2,1) :Calculates intersection in the range A1 TO C4 for second row, first column. Returns Sally as output.
=INDEX(A2:C3,1,3) :Calculates intersection in the range A2 TO C3 for first row, third column.Returns Sally's salary 6600.
=INDEX(A1:C4,0,2) :Displays the entire Age column in the range A1 to C4. Returns 32,40,28,28 as output.
=INDEX([5,10,15;20,25,30;35,40,45],2,3) : Calculates intersection in an array of numbers for second row, third column. Returns 30 as output.

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