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==Related Videos==
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== See Also ==
== See Also ==

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  • is any real number.


  • This function gives number without any decimal part.
  • The function INT(number) is rounding the given number to down to the nearest number.
  • Integer is the number without any decimal or fractional part but it can be the natural number with positive or negative sign. i.e.,INTEGER={….-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3...}
  • So integers are countably infinite set.
  • In , where is any real number.Also can be any operations with the real numbers.
  • For e.g.,INT(2.3*4.7)
  • This function will give result as error when is nonnumeric.


  • The syntax is to calculate INT function in ZOS is .
    • is any real number.
  • For e.g.,int(-10.5),int((-19.25*11.21)/4)


  1. INT(10.99)=10
  2. INT(-10.99)=-11
  3. INT(0.05)=0,INT(-0.05)=-1
  4. INT(4.56+7.21)=11
  5. INT(10.78-9.45)=1
  6. INT(12.76*12.76)=162
  7. INT(49.54/20.4)=2
  8. 20.76-INT(19.45)=1.76

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