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INTERSECTION (GivenSet1,GivenSet2)

  • and are any two set of values.


  • This function will return Common elements from the given two sets.
  • In , and are any two set of numbers or any elements.
  • The Intersection of two sets named as A and B is the set that contains all elements of A that also belong to B,but no other elements.
  • The intersection of A and B is written ""A ∩ B"". Formally:

  • This function will return the result as Null when there is no numbers or elements are in common.


  1. INTERSECTION([1,2,3,4],[2,4]) = 2 4
  2. INTERSECTION([9,19,24,26,10,12,18,3,99],[24,20,99,8,12,10]) = 24 10 12 99
  3. INTERSECTION([10.02,11.09,29.9,22.3,10.002,11.11,12.32],[10.002,11,29.9,13.01]) = 29.9 10.002

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