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LISSAJOUS (TypeOrSettings,AsTable)

  • is any type like Ellipse or circle and so on.


  • This function shows the values of the Lissajous curve.
  • Lissajous Curve is a parametric plot of the harmonic system.
  • It is also called Bowditch Curves.
  • Lissajous used sounds of different frequencies to vibrate a mirror.
  • A beam of light reflected from the mirror, was allowed to trace patterns which depended on the frequencies of the sounds – in a setup similar to projectors used in today's laser light shows.Lissajous figure is the intersection of two sinusoidal curves, the axes of which are at right angles to each other.
  • Mathematically, this translates to a Complex harmonic function: In the Lissajous equation,a=1,b=1,A=1,B=1 and = radians, the figure is a circle.
  • So these values substitute in the equation and it will shows the result.With the above values when =0,then the value will show for line.
  • In the same way the ratio =1 and =0,then the values will be shown for ellipse.
  • Suppose = 2, = , then the values will show for parabola.
  • The Lissajous curve gets more complicated for other ratios, which are closed only if a/b is rational.


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