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MRSQ (ArrayOfArrays)

  • are set of real numbers.


  • This function gives the square of Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient.
  • In MRSQ(Array of array values), Array of array values is the set of x and y values.
  • This function is calculated using the data points of   and   values.
  • The formula for PPMC,   is defined by:

  where   and   are Average of the two Samples   and  .

  • This function gives the value of  , which is the square of this Correlation Coefficient.
  • The square value can be interpreted as the proportion of the variance in   attributable to the variance in  .
  • In  , the value of   and   must be either numbers or names, array, constants or references that contain numbers.
  • Suppose the array contains text, logicl values or empty cells, like that values are not considered.
  • This function will return the result as error when
1.   and   are empty or having the different number of data points.
2. The arguments having only one data point.
3. The arguments that are error values or text that cannot be translated in to numbers.

Refer PEARSON for more details.


  1. MRSQ([[12,13,19,23,45],[21,16,9,35,50]])
1 0.7335259822581266
0.7335259822581266 1

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