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  • is any positive Integer.


  • This function shows the Nth element from the given set of values.
  • In , is the position of the number in the given array.Array is the set of values.
  • Here position of the numbers are starting from 0 to the nth value.
  • So it is showing the nth value of the given set of values.
  • This function will return the result as NaN when the Nth number value is beyond the set of values.
  • Also when Th value is negative or in decimals this function will return as NaN.


  1. NTHELEMENT(4,[9,8,6,10,5,2]) = 5
  2. NTHELEMENT(6,[102,541,87.2,98,32.14,89.009,-54.32,-32.1,102]) = -54.32
  3. NTHELEMENT(3,[1/2,3/2,7/6,9/8,11/12,19/21]) = 1.125

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