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  • any positive real number.


  • This function shows the Prime factors of the given number.
  • A prime number can be divide only by 1 or itself also the number must be a whole number which is greater than 1.
  • Factors are the numbers when multiply to get another number.
  • So the Prime factors of a positive integer is the list of the integer's prime factors together to make the original number with the multiplication.
  • In , is any positive real number.
  • This function shows the same number when the given number is in decimals or in negative values.


  1. PRIMEFACTORS(9) = 3 3
  2. PRIMEFACTORS(81) = 3 3 3 3
  3. PRIMEFACTORS(123) = 3 41
  4. PRIMEFACTORS(66) = 2 3 11

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