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ROMANOLD (Number,Form)

  • is the number and is the type of the roman numeral.


  • This function is used to change an 'Arabic Numeral Form' to 'Roman Numeral Form'.
  • Roman Numers are formed by combining symbols together and adding the values.
  • It is the special method of showing the numbers. In roman form, numbers greater than 1000 are formed by placing a dash over the regular symbol.
  • In  ,   is the Arabic Number and   is the number which is indicating the type of the Roman Numeral.
  •   is varying from Classic to Simplified, becoming more concise as the value of increases.
  Form value                       Type
  0 or omitted      -          Classic
  1                 -          More concise
  2                 -          More concise
  3                 -          More concise
  4                 -          Simplified
  TRUE              -          Classic
  FALSE             -          Simplified
  • This function will return the result as error when the   value is negative.
  • Also there is no restriction for a   value.


  1. ROMANOLD(198,1) = CXCVIII
  2. ROMANOLD(1234,0) = MCCXXXIV
  3. ROMANOLD(45) = XLV

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