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#1cm<>m =80m
#1cm<>m =80m
#SETCONVERSION("yr","hr",5) =true
#SETCONVERSION("yr","hr",5) =true
#1yr<>hr= 8.808275551045719e-12 hr.
#1yr<>hr= 8760hr
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==Related Videos==

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SETCONVERSION (UnitOne,UnitTwo,Rate)

  • and are any two country currencies.
  • is the currency value.


  • This function is the tester function of the currency conversion.
  • The official monetary standard of a country is called the currency.
  • In , is the currency name of one country.
  • is the Currency name another country.
  • is the currency value to be changed.
  • This function will return the result as TRUE when the currency value can be changed.
  • Also this will return the result as FALSE when the currency value can not be changed.


  1. SETCONVERSION("cm","m",80) = true
  2. SETCONVERSION(1<>cm,1<>m,80) = true
  3. 1cm<>m =80m
  4. SETCONVERSION("yr","hr",5) =true
  5. 1yr<>hr= 8760hr

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