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[[Z_API_Functions | List of Main Z Functions]]
*[[Z_API_Functions | List of Main Z Functions]]
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*[[ Z3 |  Z3 home ]]

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  • are numbers.


  • This function gives the standard deviation based on a entire population as the given data including the logical value and text .
  • Standard Deviation is a quantity expressing by how much the members of a group differ from the mean value for the group.
  • It is the used as a measure of the dispersion or variation in a distribution.
  • It is calculated as the square root of variance.
  • In , , are numbers to find the standard deviation.
  • Here is required. are optional.
  • Instead of numbers we can use the single array or a reference of a array.
  • STDEVPA is defined by the formula:

where is the sample mean of and is the total number in the given data.

  • It is calculated using Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle "n" } method.
  • This function is considering our given data is the entire population.
  • Suppose it should consider the data as the sample of the population, we can use the STDEVA function.
  • For huge sample sizes the functions and are approximately equal values.
  • The arguments can be either numbers or names, array,constants or references that contain numbers.
  • Also we can give the text representations of numbers or logical values , like TRUE or FALSE, in a reference.
  • Suppose the arguments containing TRUE which is evaluate as 1, and the arguments containing FALSE which is evaluate as 0.
  • Suppose the array contains the empty cells and text values like that values are not considered.
  • Suppose the function don't want to consider the logical values and text representations of numbers in a reference , we can use the * STDEVP function.
  • This function will return the result as error when
   1. Any one of the argument is non-numeric. 
   2. The arguments containing the error values or text that cannot be translated in to numbers.


1 87 121 427 390 110 542 412
2 2 2.4 3.7 14.9 28 198 154.1
5 9 17 true 6 0 41 14
  1. =STDEVPA(A1:E1) = 149.0597195757
  2. =STDEVPA(A2:G2) = 76.31463871127
  3. =STDEVPA(A3:D3) = 5.916079783
  4. =STDEVPA(2,12,22,32,false) = 12.09297316626478

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