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  • and are any real numbers.


  • This function shows the subtraction of the given numbers.
  • In , and are any real numbers.
  • Subtraction means taking one number away from another number.
  • Here is called Minuend,which is the number that is to be subtracted from.
  • is called Subtrahend ,which is the number that is to be subtracted.
  • The getting result is called Difference which is the result of subtracting one number from another.
  • In this function Number2 is subtracted from Number1.
  • If there is third parameter then this function will not consider the third parameter.
  • This function will consider first two parameters only.


  1. SUBTRACTWITH(433,876) = -443
  2. SUBTRACTWITH(-600,-234) = -366
  3. SUBTRACTWITH(11/12,19/24) = 0.125

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