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==Related Videos==
==Related Videos==
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==See Also==
==See Also==

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  • is any matrix.


  • This function shows the trace value of the given matrix.
  • In , is any matirx.
  • The trace of an nxn square matrix is defined to be the sum of all main diagonal entries.
  • Consider the matrix A with the elements .
  • Here trace of the matrix A is =.Where denotes the entry on the row and column of A.
  • Now consider 3x3 matrix
  • Here tr(A)= a+e+j.


  1. TRACE([3,6,9;12,-67,-98;45,23,98]) = 34
  2. TRACE([[10,15,-19,43.2],[78,56,-90,32.9],[1,17,-143,187],[15,18,432,987]]) = 910
  3. TRACE([[3,8],[10,12]]) = 15

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