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VALUE (Text)


  • is a text that represents a number.
    • VALUE() converts a text string representing a number, to a number string.



e.g. VALUE("$1760") returns 1760 as a result.

  • VALUE function is used to convert a text containing numbers to a number string.
  • is a text value and should be enclosed in double quotes (e.g. "$100"), when directly entered in the command.
  • can be a number, date or time values in proper formats.
  • If is invalid, Calci displays #N/A error message.


Consider the following examples that demonstrate the use of VALUE function:

$1000 08/2/2010
=VALUE(A1) : Displays 1000 as the output.
=VALUE(B1) : Converts date to its serial number. Displays 40392.71486111111 as the output.

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