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TEXT(SomeValue, SomeFormat)


  • is a numeric value, and
  • is a numeric format in which text is to be displayed.

TEXT() converts a numeric value to a text in a specified format.


TEXT(SomeValue, SomeFormat)

e.g. TEXT(54,"$00.00") returns 54.00 as a result.

  • TEXT function is used to convert a numeric value to a formatted text. Result can no longer be calculated as a number.
  • is a numeric value to be converted.
  • can be a date format, currency format, percentage format etc.
  • For invalid arguments, Calci displays #N/A error message.


Consider the following examples that demonstrate the use of TEXT() function:

=TEXT(A1,"$0,000.00") : Displays $5,678.89 as the output.
=TEXT(A1,"0,000.00") : Displays 5,678.9 as the output.
=TEXT(A2,"0") : Displays 45,000 as the output.

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