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Why another programming language? Do we not have enough of them?

Well, let us try this real world experiment. Go to the best programmer you know. Pick the simplest formula you can think of: E=mc2. Ask how the Energy (E) can be calculated, for a mass (m) of 1kg, 2kg, 3kg,… 10kg and for a constant Speed of Light (3x10^8m/s). And let us just watch the programmer for what happens next. Yes, go ahead and start a stop watch!

Likely that the programmer would pull up a spreadsheet and type formulae notation such as shown below, to do this, within a minute or so.

C =3*10^8
M Energy
1 =D5*$E$3^2
=D5+1 =D6*$E$3^2
=D6+1 =D7*$E$3^2
=D7+1 =D8*$E$3^2
=D8+1 =D9*$E$3^2
=D9+1 =D10*$E$3^2
=D10+1 =D11*$E$3^2
=D11+1 =D12*$E$3^2
=D12+1 =D13*$E$3^2
=D13+1 =D14*$E$3^2

Or maybe, the programmer would make a program, in a computer language to do this, and will come back to you in about an hour!

Well, this shows the poor state of the current state of the art computer human interaction. Today, an ordinary computer can do billions of operations per second. And even with the best techniques, translating from our human language to computer language takes minutes or hours!

That is why we created a simple Language for you and the machine called: Z3.