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Coronavirus Spread Data Analysis

This video demonstrates using ZCubes for Epidemiological study of Covid-19 virus. In this use case, the Coronavrius or COVID-19 infections on Diamond Princess Cruise ship are analyzed using ZCubes. The data of Symptomatic and Asymptomatic patients and Case Fatality Ratio (CFR) for different age groups are analyzed.
There is reliable data on the infection that was published on the web. This data from web is dragged and dropped into ZSpace. The tables in webpages become data that is computation ready in Calci. All the spreadsheet functionality and Z programming is then available for data analysis. The ratio of Symptomatic patients and Asymptomatic patients to actual deaths for different age groups are analyzed. The graph is plotted in ZCubes to visualize the number of passengers in different age groups that showed symptoms and who were asymptomatic. The video demonstrates how we can further analyze asymptomatic ratio against age groups. The pivots in Calci can provide further insights on nature of infection and compare them among age groups which in this case brings out surprising results.


Coronavirus Spread Data Analysis

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