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Cartooning using the Incredible InGrid App


In this tutorial, we will examine how to create cartoon animations using the Incredible InGrid App. For this example we have a scene and characters already created.


  1. Set an image as the background by long press.
  2. Drag an image of sheep into the scenery.
  3. Reduce the size of sheep and place it properly.
  4. Drag image of balloons and reduce the size and hide it below.
  5. Click on the record button Record 2.png and slowly move the balloon from below and go up.
  6. Stop the recording by pressing the record button again. Record 2.png
  7. The file will be saved to camera roll. Camera-roll.png
  8. Drag the video from the camera roll and play it.
    You can see balloons lifting upwards.


The following video demonstrates how to preform a cartoon animation.

Create Cartoon Animations Using InGrid App

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