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Draw a Scenery


In this tutorial, we will examine how to draw scenery. Scenery can be used as a landscape artistic piece or can be used as a background for an animation.

The scene will contain the following:

  • Sky
  • Ground
  • Sun
  • Tree


  1. Select a blue background color using the background options icon.   This will be our sky.
  2. Select Fill tool from the tool menu.   Select a green color for the grass. Select the stroke tool and turn it off.
  3. Select the rectangular shape tool.  Draw a rectangle for the grass. Adjust the shape so that the rectangle fills the lower area of the scene.
  4. Next select the fill tool and select yellow.
  5. Select the Oval tool  and draw a circle.
  6. Move the sun to the right side of the screen.
  7. Next, we will create a tree. Select the circle tool again.
  8. Select a green fill color then draw the shape.
  9. Select the fill color tool and select brown.
  10. Tap rectangular shape tool and draw a narrow rectangle.
  11. You may need to adjust the tree. Select the Selection tool and move the objects until the tree lines up with the leaves.
  12. Arrange the shapes according to the level using level icon.


In this video you will learn how to create a scene using the Incredible InGrid App.

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