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Explore Partitions and Effects


In the previous tutorial, we explored how to use partitions[[1]]. In this tutorial, we will examine how to add effects to partitions.


  1. Select the partition icon. Tiles.png
    By default its partitioned to 3x3. Its possible to increase or decrease the number of partitions by adjusting the width and height.
  2. Select images from the camera roll Camera-roll.pngand drag it to each partition.
  3. Click on the record icon Record 2.png on the bottom.
  4. Tap on individual images and customize them with different effects using the effects icon.Photo-effects 4.png
  5. Select the effect named Deep.
  6. Now the images can be moved and rotated with the corresponding sliding bars.
  7. Once finished applying the deep effect, stop the recording.
  8. The video will be saved to the camera roll. Drag it to the wallpaper for viewing.
  9. A very good photo collage can be created using this property.


The following video will show us how to create partitions and add effects to them.

include video

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