•Ingrid Album represents a photo album.

•Able to upload any number of photos and set privacy for the album.

•Share control features enable the user to like, dislike, comment and share.

•Albums can also be shared through email and zmail . It can also be shared to Slate, Blogs ,Groups etc.

Create Album

•Click the + icon on the bottom right corner.

•Enter Album Name, Description about the album and upload images.

•Click Create Album to save the images.

View Album

•Click on any of the album created to view the photos uploaded.

•You can also add more photos on viewing

Owner Menu

To list the owner menu, user have to view an album.

Owner menu have the following functions.

Menu Item Function
Post to slate Use this option to post the album on to the slate.
Add photos Use this option to add more photos to the album.
Edit Photos
  • Add captions for each image
  • Setting the album cover
  • Delete image
  • Move photos to other album
Edit Album Use this option to change Album name and Description.
Settings Album settings to set share privacy and track
Delete This option helps to Delete the selected album.

  • Create New Album option are also available inside the album

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