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Ingrid provides numerous outstanding features. Among them Events is the most prominent one. The features included in the Events is listed below

  • Able to create Events for any date
  • Able to invite your buddies for that Event.
  • You could schedule the event in such a way that invitees can invite their friends-if wanted.
  • Its possible to restrict the number of invitees to be called and also regarding invitees friends
  • The Calender shows the Events created and Events Invited.
  • You will be notified by Ingrid a day before the events to be held.
  • Its possible to select different themes for different Events
  • We have the facility to add photos to the album for that Event and users can view the photos uploaded

How to Create

    • Click the Ingrid logo on the left bottom corner
    • A new tab will be opened inside the webpage.
    • Users could see the Events Icon
    • On clicking that another tab opens adjacent to the previous tab.

Screen Shots

Create Create
Group Slate
Group Invitation
Create Create
Group Slate