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ZCubes is a web-based platform that is intended for the creation, manipulation, and distribution of information, including web pages, web sites, documents of any type spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, albums, portals, notes, etc. ZCubes platform is a multi-functional platform that provides large sets of functions that are typically delivered using segmented applications through a single interface.

ZCubes solves the 6C's of computing (Composition, Calculation, Communication, Community, Commerce and Cognition) through an integrated delivery mechanism, and is often described as the ink in think. ZCubes is an integrated platform, not just software.

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ZCubes has many aspects, and it magically transforms from your viewpoint. Social, networking and communication can be predominantly highlighted as Ingrid, and power information transformation including creation and manipulation of a variety of content is done through ZCubes Application. Spider brings you advanced browsing experience management. z^3 is a powerful language to interact with the platform of Z for power users (and it is so simple a baby can speak this language!)

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At ZCubes, we are all about information. Following links gain you more understanding onto the history of computing, languages, and the sciences that you can gather more insights from.