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ADDDATE (Date,Days,Months,Years)

  • is any date.
  • is number of days to be added.
  • is number of months to be added.
  • is number of years.


  • This function used to add dates,months and year to given date.
  • In , is any date in which number of day to added.
  • is the number of days to be added.
  • is the number months to be added to the given date.
  • is the number of year to be added.
  • Using this function we can add or subtract the number of days to the given date.
  • Day values can be positive or negative.
  • We can use Range values also. For Example: ADDDATE(#3/10/2016-5/10/2016,30,2,0)


  1. ADDDATE("3/10/2016",45,2,0) = 2016-06-23T18:30:00.000Z
  2. ADDDATE("10/5/2020",240,6,2) = 2023-12-01T18:30:00.000Z
  3. ADDDATE("12/10/2060",0,0,5) = 2065-12-09T18:30:00.000Z

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