CEILINGAT (Array,MaxNumber)

  • is the set of values.
  • is the upper limit value.


  • This function round a number up to the nearest specified multiple.
  • In  ,  is the number to be rounded.
  •   is the multiple to use when rounding.
  • So this function returns a given number rounded up to a specified multiple.
  • Also this function always rounds up, away from zero.
  • CEILING works like the MROUND function, but CEILING always rounds up, away from zero.
  • CEILING can be a can be a useful function to set pricing after currency conversion, discounts, etc.
  • For example CEILINGAT(10,3) = 12.Here the number 10 is rounded near to the multiple of 3.


  1. CEILINGAT([5,60,32.3],25) = 25 75 50
  2. CEILINGAT(1600,30) = 1620
  3. CEILINGAT(56.321,7) = 63

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