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CHR (AsciiNum)

  • where is a number to find the UTI character.


  • This function gives the UTI characters of a given number.
  • UTI is stands for the Uniform Type Identifier.
  • It is the Text string used to identify uniquely for given class or type of a item.
  • UTI use a reverse-DNS naming structure which is including the ASCII characters.
  • Also UTI support multiple inheritance, allowing files to be identified with any number of relevant types, as appropriate to the contained data.
  • gives a specific character for a number.
  • Also the number is starting from 1, but there is no restriction for the final number.
  • Because CALCI is supporting for many languages also.
  • The number can be a number directly or indirectly like cell reference.
  • The character is from the character set used in our system.


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