• is any complex number.


  • This function is showing the complex number.
  • A complex number is a combination of a real and an imaginary number.
  • A number which is positive or negative, rational or irrational or decimals are called real numbers.
  • An Imaginary number is a number that when squaring it gives a negative result.
  • For e.g. {-4}^2 =16. Because a negative times a negative is positive.
  • A complex number is a number is in the form  , where a and b are real numbers and i is the imaginary unit.
  • Where  .
  • In  ,  is any complex number.
  • A Complex number whose real part is zero is said to be purely imaginary.
  • A Complex number whose imaginary part is zero is a real number.
  • In that cases we have to assign '0' for that part.When we assigning without real value it is showing "0" for real value in the complex number.
  • In the same way it is assigning "0" for imaginary value in the complex number.


  1. COMPLEXNUMBER("3+4i") = 3+4ⅈ
  2. COMPLEXNUMBER("8-12i") = 8-12ⅈ
  3. COMPLEXNUMBER("43") = 43+0ⅈ
  4. COMPLEXNUMBER("-6i") = 0-6ⅈ

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