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CONCAT(Text1, Text2, ...)

  • This function joins number of strings into one string.
  • Arguments can be text, numbers, array or cell references, or combination of all items.

e.g. In Calci, if cell A1=JOHN and cell A2=SMITH, then

=(A1&" "&A2) returns JOHN SMITH
  • Text string should be enclosed in quotes.
  • If any punctuation marks are to be added between two strings, they should also be entered as argument.
  • If arguments are omitted, Calci displays a #NULL error message.


=CONCAT("Happy"," ","Holidays!") : Returns Happy Holidays!
=CONCAT("Apple",",","Mango",",","Orange") : Returns Apple,Mango,Orange
=CONCAT("1234","ABCD","5678") : Returns 1234ABCD5678
=CONCAT("This is a pen."," ","It is Black.") : Returns This is a pen. It is Black.

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