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  • Where r is the range of cells.
  • COUNTBLANK() returns the number of empty cells or blank cells within a given range.



For example, COUNTBLANK(23,45,,"EVEN") returns 1 as a result.

COUNTBLANK(56,"","4/4/2013",,TRUE) returns 2 as a result.

  • This function calculates empty cells or blank values in a particular range of cells.
  • Cells with empty texts are counted but cells with zero values are not counted.
  • COUNTBLANK() also calculates the cells with formulas that return an empty text ("").


Consider the following table with different types of data in various columns.

COUNTBLANK() counts the number of blank or empty cells in the given range.

5 3
16 0 TRUE
4/4/2011 0
4 14 =IF(C3=0,"",C3)