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  • is any real number.


  • This function shows the decimal part of the given number.
  • The Decimal numbers or decimals can be expressed in two parts(a) Whole number part (b)Decimal part.
  • The two parts are separated by a dot(.) which is called decimal point.
  • The digits lying to the left of the decimal point form the whole number part.
  • The places begin with ones, then tens, then hundreds, then thousands and so on.
  • The decimal point together with the digits lying on the right of decimal point form the decimal part.
  • The places begin with tenths, then hundredths, then thousandths and so on………
  • For example 12.654, 12 is the whole number and 654 is the decimal part of the number.


  1. DECIMALPART(9.1003) = 0.1003
  2. DECIMALPART(109.17872) = 0.17872

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