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| 0.8755550584018907 || 1  
| 0.8755550584018907 || 1  
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==See Also==

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MCORREL (ArrayOfArrays)

  • is set of values.


  • This function is showing the result for multiple correlation.
  • In , are set of values.
  • Correlation is a statistical technique which shows the relation of strongly paired variables.When one variable is related to a number of other variables, the correlation is not simple.
  • It is multiple if there is one variable on one side and a set of variables on the other side.
  • If we have a series of measurements of and written as and where then the Sample Correlation Coefficient is:

  • and are the sample means of and .
  • The above formula is used for simple correlation.
  • Now consider the variables x,y and z we define the multiple correlation as:

  • is the correlation of x and y.
  • is the correlation of y and z.
  • is the correlation of z and x.
  • Here x and y are viewed as the independent variables and z is the dependent variable.
  • This function will give the result as error when
1. are non-numeric or different number of data points.
2.is empty
3.The denominator value is zero.


1. MCORREL([[10,12,14],[19,43,18],[20,35,90]])

1 -0.035325913054179946 0.9496528264568825
-0.035325913054179946 1 -0.3466559828504114
0.9496528264568825 -0.3466559828504114 1

2. MCORREL([[10,19,18],[-24,90.3,25]])

1 0.8755550584018907
0.8755550584018907 1

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