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*MIXEDCASE("address:#83,salai street") = Address:#83, Salai Street
*MIXEDCASE("address:#83,salai street") = Address:#83, Salai Street
==Related Videos==
{{#ev:youtube|v=svJt4BJBkf8|280|center|Mixed Case}}
==See Also==
==See Also==

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MIXEDCASE(String, Concat)

  • is the text which we want change in to a uppercase.


  • This function displays first letter of every word entered to upper case letter.
  • Upper case letters are the alphabetical capital letters and Lower case are the alphabetical small letters.
  • Capital letters:ABCDEF…..,Small letters:abcdef….
  • Text should be entered in double quotes("").


  • MIXEDCASE("total marks")=Total Marks
  • MIXEDCASE("United Kingdom")=United Kingdom
  • MIXEDCASE("Hello, how are you doing?") = Hello, How Are You Doing?
  • MIXEDCASE("address:#83,salai street") = Address:#83, Salai Street
  • MIXEDCASE(cool)=Null

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