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MOP (a,b,op,ConsiderUnits)

  • and are any real numbers.


  • This function calculates for the given operation with the given parameter values.
  • In , and are any real numbers.
  • is any operation.
  • MOP is the function is used to execute the operation with the given parameters.
  • Here operation may be addition,subtraction,multiplication,division,log and exp.
  • For the arithmetic operation will consider the the parameter a and b.
  • For log and exp operations the first parameter only will consider to find the value.


  1. MOP(100,564,"+") = 664
  2. MOP(100,564,"-") = -464
  3. MOP(100,564,"*") = 56400
  4. MOP(100,564,"/") = 0.1773049645390071

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