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==Related Videos==
==Related Videos==
==See Also==
==See Also==

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  • is any real number.


  • This function checks if the given number is positive or not.
  • Positive number is the real number which is greater than zero.
  • These numbers are denoted with the symbol "+".
  • The numbers which do not have any symbols either "+" or "-" also positive numbers.
  • If the given value is the positive number then will return the result as TRUE otherwise FALSE.
  • Suppose the is non-negative ,then this function returns 'true'.
  • If is a negative number ,then this function returns 'false'.


  1. =POSITIVE(66) = true
  2. =POSITIVE(-2/3) = false
  3. =POSITIVE(0) = false
  4. =POSITIVE(6.668) = true

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