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SEARCHB(ftext, otext, snum)


  • is the text to search in original string,
  • is the original string from which mentioned text is to be searched, and
  • is an optional argument that specifies the character position to start the search.

SEARCHB() identifies the occurrence of specified text string from the original string and returns the starting position of the matched string.


SEARCHB(ftext, otext, snum)

For Example,

SEARCHB("C", "WELCOME",1) returns 4

  • SEARCHB function can be used to find text within a text. SEARCHB counts 2 bytes per character. SEARCHB is intended for languages that use double-byte character set (DBCS).
  • can be any string containing characters, numbers, symbols, blank spaces etc.
  • and when directly entered in the command, should be enclosed in double quotes (e.g. "Name").
  • Argument is optional. If omitted, Calci assumes to be 1.
  • should be an integer > 0, else Calci displays #NULL error message.
  • If > 'length of text', Calci displays #N/A error message.
  • If string specified in is not a part of the reference string , Calci returns #N/A error string.
  • SEARCHB function is not case sensitive.


=SEARCHB("I", A1) : Returns 8 as output.
=SEARCHB(">", A2) : Returns 3 as output. 

Need to give examples with characters/language supporting DBCS

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