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==Related Videos==
==Related Videos==
{{#ev:youtube|v=61ug7g4s5y4&t=10s|280|center|Between Values}}
==See Also==
==See Also==

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XLBETWEEN (FirstValue,Value,SecondValue)

  • , and are any number.


  • This function is the tester function of in between values.
  • In , is the minimum value, is the maximum value and Value is the number to find the value is in the given range or not.
  • This function will return the result as TRUE when the given number with in the given range of values.
  • Otherwise will return the result as FALSE.


  1. XLBETWEEN(30,54,100) = true
  2. XLBETWEEN(34,48,50) = true
  3. XLBETWEEN(3,10,4.7) = false
  4. XLBETWEEN((-55),2,20) = true

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